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Welcome to "The Lilith Parallax" Wiki! Here you can research any information regarding the World of The Lilith Parallax.

We currently are under construction so you might not find every information already existing for The Lilith Parallax.

Currently as of May 10th 2019, the content of the whole wiki is being revised and updated to match the accumulated development made during Valdore's school period that has not yet been added onto official documents.

This period of revitalization of the wiki and its contents also contains the relocation of the wiki from to sometime in August 2019.
For further reading experience, please consider that only those articles marked with a green "Revised!" banner contain up-to date information and lore.

Everything below this is highly WIP so just look up the page list or the Search bar for articles.

Welcome to the official World of Nightrise Wiki.

On this wiki, you can browse everything regarding the World of Nightrise, the Nightrise Community and its members. To find a specific article or theme, use the Search Option or navigate via the Categories and Help down below.

What's Nightrise about?

Currently, there are 30 articles on this forum. more...

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